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Hello dear readers,

How much I have enjoyed reading your wonderful comments–please continue to send me messages! They keep me going and trying to send you the best blogs!

At the end of this blog, I’m going to give a writer’s tip especially for those writers who will be having book signings, so read on!

And now for that special message you’re looking for: Recently I did something I rarely do. I raked my front yard. That might not sound like something significant to many of you, and our front yard is not very big.

But it GROWS as you rake. It actually seems to expand, and as I raked, a job that I thought would take a half-hour became almost FOUR.

But I did discover something in this raking chore that I want to share with you. As the rake combed over all the debris of dead leaves and grass, I saw something amazing emerge from the underneath the dead, brown stuff.

It was life. It was greenery. It was new grass, new growth, and as I raked, I began to feel as though I were freeing that new life from the dead stuff that was oppressing it. The yard looked like a new one when I finished, and I couldn’t help but feel that there’s a kind of analogy here.

Are you like this lawn? Do you feel so overwhelmed by past regrets, which lie on you like dead debris and keeps you from being happy?

Scrape away all the things that hold you back and keep you from the sunshine. Let your new life shine through, like my new grass in my newly-raked yard.

And now for a published-writers’ tip: When you’re having a book signing at a shop, put one or two copies of your book at the CASH REGISTER. People who are checking out will see it, ask about it–and probably get you to sign a copy. I tried this and it WORKS. You will sell more books this way, and meet more people.

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