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Hello dear readers,

Whew! What a spring we’ve had! Since I posted last (upon my friend W.E.B. Griffin’s passing away), we’ve had tons of company, done some home repairs and I’ve had a few book signings. Next one up is this Friday, June 7, in Clanton, Alabama at Durbin Farms. I’ll be a part of the kickoff for Clanton’s annual Peach Festival!

Here’s a little story from my AMAZING ALABAMA book. You may know that Alabama has had six capitals during its time as a territory then as a state. What you may not know is how the delegates decided upon where to meet to draft Alabama’s first constitution, back in 1819.

They didn’t decide on Huntsville, Alabama because of its location, or access by water, or its good weather: the delegates discovered that the first beer brewery in the Alabama Territory had just been established in the city of Huntsville!

So during the day, the delegates worked on the first draft of the Alabama Constitution; then, in the evening, they took in a draught (or two) at the new brewery–which, coincidentally enough, was established earlier that same year.

You can learn more about the Constitution and its delegates by visiting Constitution Village in Huntsville. It’s well worth the trip!

Please post a review on Amazon after you buy your own copy of AMAZING ALABAMA!

Until next time,