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Hello readers,

Technology is wonderful when it works! I wrote and posted two blogs in June and they have disappeared! Anyway, here’s the first one for July!

If you’re an American, yesterday you celebrated Independence Day. Maybe you were with your family and friends. Maybe you had to work. Whatever you were doing, I hope you had someone to share the day with.

Many Americans don’t even think about what Independence Day truly means, and from a historic point, what risks our founders undertook. They were at risk of having their homes burned, and themselves arrested without a warrant or even killed for such a treasonous act as signing The Declaration of Independence. That had to have been a frightening time on July 4, 1776 (and they didn’t even have air conditioning!).

So now people can truly live free because of what a handful of “colonists” began way back then. Regardless of your political views, be proud if you’re in the land of the free. It’s because of the brave, then and now, who continue to fight for freedom.

In mid-July, I’ll be posting some writing tips and some marketing tips that are free, easy and fast!

Thanks for continuing to read my little posts.

Theresa (T.)