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Hello readers,

I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago but for some reason it deleted itself (it was probably my error). Anyway, here’s a re-post. My brother was diagnosed last year with pancreatic cancer. He was actually lucky that doctors found it: he’d had a gall-bladder attack and when surgeons went to remove it, they found the cancer and also removes his pancreas. They told him the usual way they finally diagnose pancreatic cancer is when the patient is weeks away from dying–thus the lucky part.

During the past 11 or so months of his receiving chemotherapy treatments, I’ve been doing research on how to help my brother do better through the treatment, and also how to avoid coming down with cancer again, as so many survivors do. Here are some of the things I’ve discovered–and maybe this will help you and your loved ones.

  1. AVOID SUGAR AND REFINED CARBOHYDRATES. In interviewing cancer researchers, I asked them about this. One told me, “The ONLY thing that feeds cancer cells is sugar. And refined carbs are loaded with sugar.”
  2. KEEP EXERCISING. Exercise creates endorphins–the hormone that says, “I’m feeling happy.” Endorphins will help cancer patients better fight off depression and anxiety, which will help them in their battle again the disease.
  3. ONLY CONSUME ORGANIC MEATS, FRUIT AND VEGETABLES. Meats, etc., that are NOT labeled organic may be loaded with chemicals, fertilizers, shelf-life extending chemicals, and other things that your body doesn’t recognize as food. This will only add to your liver’s burden of detoxifying the body so you can better fight what’s trying to kill you.
  4. MEDITATE. Even if you can only take a minute to meditate, pray, or otherwise “unplug,” this will help you get in touch with your spirituality. For me, besides meditating, I am reading more of the Bible.

I hope this helps you and/or a loved one in their fight for their lives. Next week, something a bit lighter: How NOT to write a book!