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Hello, dear readers,

What a CRAZY nine weeks it has been! Since I’m not only an author but also teach high school English, I have been working 7-10 hours a day just to get all my teenage students through this part of the school year. Besides posting lessons online every week, I’ve been on the phone to parents, guardians and students, pushing them to get their weekly assignments in to me. Most of the 107 students did virtual lessons; the remaining 27-28 did hard packets. As of last Friday at 2 p.m., I was finally FINISHED with school! I know you all have some amazing stories to come out as a result of this pandemic, and here’s mine about an Easter Miracle.

My priest at my (Anglican) church, St. Francis at the Point in Point Clear, held an Easter service in the parking lot. The service was broadcast to the parking lot via speakers, so we could share in the singing and hear the sermon.

I almost didn’t go because I thought it would make me feel too sad not to be able to be inside the church. Instead, I witnessed a kind of miracle in the parking lot. When the church bell first rang for the service to begin, our priest said “Let us pray.” I suddenly noticed people walking their dogs stopped on the sidewalk nearby, and bowed their heads.

A young family of four on a golf cart heard the service as they whizzed by. They turned around and pulled in. “Can we take part in your service?” they asked, and so they did. Finally, another couple were riding their bikes. They, too, pulled in, asked for a hymnal and prayer book, and took part.

It was as if all these people were spiritually hungry, and I felt humbled to see it. I felt like I had seen something miraculous happen.

And to all you who are either military families supporting or missing a loved one, I salute you. During this pandemic, I have been writing a cookbook. I’ve been adding to it when I first began writing it, 35 years ago. I have decided to give ALL the proceeds from the sale of this cookbook to the Gold Star families (families who’ve lost a loved one due to their service). If you would like to contribute a recipe and maybe the story behind it, I would be humbled and proud to include it.

My mailing address is: P.O.Box 1175, Fairhope, AL 36533.

Thank you to all who’ve taken the time to read my little blog, and I look forward to reading your stories and seeing your recipes. Happy Memorial Day!!!! God bless the USA and God bless each of YOU.

T. (Theresa)