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Hello readers,

It has been a long time since I have posted a blog, and I am SO happy to be able to do so now! If you’re like me, life has changed a LOT because of the pandemic. Here are some of the things that happened with me.

First of all, so many items were unavailable in the grocery store. Empty shelves were everywhere. Then, I realized how many young families in my neighborhood couldn’t get something as simple as bread, and flour was unavailable. So I did an inventory of my pantry and found I had 37 pounds of flour and plenty of yeast. I got to baking bread for all my neighbors with little children (you know how they can EAT!), and baked bread until all my flour was gone.

I bought little games and puzzles for our young children in the neighborhood, and put those in mailboxes, to keep them busy until school assignments began popping in (that took about three weeks). I also took meals to our older, shut-in neighbors.

I got to meet neighbors I’ve lived near but have never known. It’s been pretty amazing, and we have all grown closer because of this.

I’ve always been called someone who’s terribly germ-conscious; for decades before this thing, I carried hand wipes into public places like restaurants. I’d wipe off laminated menus and salt and pepper shakers and people would smirk or even frown. Now they say, “Oh, can I have one of those?”

I’ve edited other writers’ works (working on my fourth book as I write this), and so writers such as myself have been more productive. I’ve written a Christmas novella and updated a history book of mine, which should be out by Thanksgiving (AMAZING TENNESSEE). I’ve added to my garden and have been bird-watching more. I wonder what we will all think when we look back on this time?

I’d like you to contact me and tell me about your adventures during this pandemic. By the way, I was also in Hurricane Sally! More on that, next week. Please let me hear from you!