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Hello readers,

And Happy New Year! I am one of those who has decided to stay “resolution-free” this year. If anything, I have promised myself to be kinder to others this year (I always try to do this–not always successfully).

Around New Year’s Eve we went walking the shoreline of Mobile Bay. There was a phrase I saw on a memorial bench in a park there; it was in Latin and I understand a little Latin, but some of the phraseology was beyond me. Back home, I looked up the translation and the phrase translated to mean, “Live while you are alive.” This year has certainly taught me yet more lessons on both the tenacity and fragility of life. There have been too many young people who have died this year, either to an accidental fentanyl overdose (a curse on the China Community Party!) or simply sleep apnea or a car accident. Then there are others who have defied the so-called “odds” and have survived such things, and are even thriving in the aftermath of such occurrences that have killed others.

This year, if I were to have a New Year’s resolution, it would be to live while I have breath, and be kinder to others while I am doing so.

Please communicate with me! I’d love to know any of my readers’ resolutions, and how you’re approaching this New Year.


T. (Theresa)

Moon Howler Publishing