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Hello readers,

Oh my goodness! I owe you all a huge apology. It’s been TOO long since I wrote anything for you–several MONTHS. I could tell you all the craziness that’s been my life lately, but I’m not here to bore you. I’ve been busy but in a good way!

I want to tell you how I’ve found a source of serenity in this world that’s on fire. Everywhere you look and all the news you hear and see might tell you to give up, that your “little life” is not worth anything. You may be feeling a growing sense of isolation, loneliness and depression.

There’s a way to get a sense of serenity, though. Try “un-plugging” from all the noise out there and see what happens to your inner peace–it will likely bloom and grow. For example, I got away from the computer, away from the television and left the radio off. I did this for several days, and suddenly found myself more peaceful inside.

And you know what? When I returned to all the “noise,” I discovered that nothing had changed–all the news the media shared was still bad, even horrifying.

Besides “unplugging” from all that, there’s something else I’d like to offer that you can do for your self and your spirit: prayer. It is a powerful tool, and it works. You may not always get the answer you seek, but you will get an answer. You will begin to feel a bigger connection to The One, and you may begin to value yourself more, and lose that sense of worthlessness.

Just about every morning I spend time in God’s word and a few moments in prayer. I ask for ways to, for this day only, be the hands and feet of Jesus. And then I look for it. When the day has come to an end, I reflect on what happened to me and how I treated others, and I find a wonderful sense of belonging and serenity that was missing from my life. And then I do it again, next day.

How might this affect your life? If you’re feeling a sense of despair, worthlessness, loneliness and depression, doing these things won’t cost you a penny. But you might just find something priceless: the value of YOU and what YOU bring to the world.

Let me know what happens. I care.